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About Renew Health

Helping people rebuild their lives

Millions of people suffer from alcohol addiction and substance use disorder. These are countless lives and countless families ravaged by addiction.

Even worse, the problem is growing every year. We are here to do something about it. With our treatment methods, we hope to rebuild lives one family at a time.

Our goal is to make treatment as accessible as possible when someone seeks help. We take walk-ins, patients can call to set up an appointment or get more information, they can chat live on the website, self-schedule on the website, or email for any questions. 

  • Help patients break free from substance abuse.
  • Support families in rebuilding their lives.
  • We are a proud bilingual facility.

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Renew health founder

Meet Our Founder

Trent Carter


Growing up in a small Texas town, Trent had always wanted to help people. He found a passion for addiction treatment, where there is an ongoing opportunity to impact lives daily.

This was how Renew Health was born. It started as a desire to help those in need. Now, Renew Health is assisting countless individuals to overcome many forms of addiction and take back control of their lives.

Our patients have direct access to Trent, they can text or call. We have had many clients contact Trent when they have questions or want to let him know how things are going.

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Insurance Plans Accepted

Renew Health is now accepting Medicaid

Don’t let substance abuse take control. Take back the reins and start living your life.