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Opioid addiction treatment

Our goal is to help patients overcome their addictions and take back control of their lives.

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Renew Health treatment program

Recovering from opioid addiction is easier when your treatment plan considers your quality of life. Traditional clinics ask patients to come in weekly or even daily, sometimes for years on end. A perpetual clinic appointment is tedious and makes it hard to build a healthy, addiction-free life.


That’s why we aim to get our patients down to once-a-month visits as quickly as possible with an innovative treatment approach that’s safer, easier, and more convenient.

Do I have an opioid use problem?

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Disclaimer: This tool does not substitute for a clinical diagnosis, it is merely for informational purposes.

The right care at the right time

Whether it’s an addiction to alcohol, opioids, or methamphetamines, a combination of treatments can produce outstanding outcomes.

Medication-Assisted Treatment

Our Medication-Assisted Treatment is designed based on the individual’s situation and needs. This approach optimizes the chances of success.


In some cases, Sublocade may be the best option for treating opioid addiction. Sublocade is a once-a-month injection that delivers a continuous release of Buprenorphine.

Suboxone, Buprenorphine and Naltrexone

Our practice uses medications to relieve cravings and decrease withdrawal symptoms. These medications work in the brain by activating and deactivating opioid receptors.

Medically Managed Withdrawal

Withdrawal from opioids doesn't have to be as painful as patients tend to expect. With the right medical management, the symptoms of withdrawal can be significantly reduced and are very tolerable. Our provider will be with you every step along your path to recovery.

Key Features of Brixadi

Extended-Release Formulation

Brixadi comes in two formulations, a weekly injection, and a monthly version, allowing for flexibility in treatment schedules.

Dosage Options

Weekly doses are available in 8 mg, 16 mg, 24 mg, and 32 mg, while monthly doses come in 64 mg, 96 mg, and 128 mg. This range ensures that patients can find a dose that suits their individual needs, including lower doses for those who may not tolerate higher ones.


Brixadi is administered as a subcutaneous injection by healthcare providers in a healthcare setting, ensuring professional oversight and support during treatment. It is available in four injection sites: the buttock, thigh, abdomen, or upper arm.

Benefits of Brixadi

Safety and Efficacy

Clinical trials have demonstrated the safety and effectiveness of Brixadi. A significant proportion of participants in the trials responded positively to the treatment, showcasing its potential in helping individuals combat opioid use disorder.


The extended-release nature of Brixadi reduces the need for daily dosing, making it more convenient for patients and potentially improving adherence to the treatment plan.

FDA Approval

The FDA's approval of Brixadi, underlining its safety and efficacy, provides assurance to patients and healthcare providers regarding its use as a treatment option.

Helping patients find freedom and take back control of their lives.

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Telemedicine for virtual visits

Opioid addiction treatments work best when counseling is part of the recovery plan, but regularly getting to an office can be tough. However, studies have shown that telehealth counseling is as effective as in-person treatments for substance abuse and may improve patient retention.

That’s why our treatment plans offer virtual visits. You can meet with us via a video call and avoid the hassle of a waiting room. By removing the obstacles that stand between addiction and treatment, we’re better at helping patients find freedom and take back control of their lives.

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All Services Are Outpatient

What our clients say about us

The facility is very clean/beautiful and staff is wonderful. Trent is very knowledgeable in his profession and truly cares about his patients well being as well as their overall recovery. 5 out 5 would recommend if you have some in need.
Renew Health is a beautiful facility accomplishing wonderful things. Trent is compassionate, knowledgeable and truly cares for the well being of his patients. I felt safe and heard and would recommend Renew Health to any of those seeking wellness and healing in Roswell. Thank you Renew Health!
The attention to details and instructions wellness to help and most of all listen Very clean facility all around makes you feel very comfortable. Trent and the team really shows they are there for support and comfort. 100% recommend,

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Help for addiction, not just detox

Every situation is different, and so is yours. Talk to us and we will find the road to recovery that is best for you. 

Renew Health is now accepting Medicaid

Don’t let substance abuse take control. Take back the reins and start living your life.